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The Pinchpruner

Upgrading your plant care experience with quality and innovation.

The Pinchpruner is a new garden pruning tool for home/commercial gardeners.

The Pinchpruner works by pinching, just as your fingers would. The finger blade piece provides a clean cut to the plant, while the thumb guard ensures your fingers & nails are protected.

Packaged with 3 size options & designed for comfort, you can use the Pinchpruner to deadhead, prune, pinch and cut: blooms, greens, fruits, vegetables and more! 

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Product Details

Pinchpruners are great to use for deadheading spent blooms, cutting back green plants and harvesting fruit or vegetables such as lettuce, swiss chard, strawberries, cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, and more!



Pinchpruners are a unique, patented pruning tool based on the concept of pinching back using fingers. They are innovative, lightweight, efficient and fun to use.

The innovative design and unique pinching movement make it easier and less painful to care for your garden.

A simple, yet profoundly impactful concept.



Pinchpruners are made as a large size and include small and medium sized inserts for optimum fit and comfort.

The blade and guard keep your nails and skin stain and callous free, while simultaneously ensuring you achieve a clean cut for your plant.

Now that’s a win-win situation, if you ask us! 



Avoid callused fingers and stained green skin that can harbour bacteria.    

Pinchpruners are made from durable and easy to clean material.

Simply rinse and let air dry - ready to take on your next gardening adventure.


An invention green thumbs are sure to love, Pinchpruners make pruning as simple as aΒ pinch!
— Robyn Lasci

Benefits and Uses

  • comfort

  • multi-use

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Can be worn on left or right hand

  • easy to clean

  • portable

  • efficient

  • hygienic & safe

  • Indoor/outdoor


Thoughtfully engineered.

Beautifully designed.

I come from a family of avid gardeners and I have always appreciated the beauty and therapeutic benefits of caring for a garden.

What I don’t love is callused hands and bent fingernails. So I started working on a solution and The Pinchpruner is just that. 

The Pinchpruner was developed from my love of gardening and I hope you love them just as much as I do!


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It’s an amazing new invention! Great for dead heading all those flowers and a really cool gift to give to all your gardening friends.
— Nancy O.
Great for clipping my herbs and flowers. Not heavy, easy to store, and reasonably priced.
— Catherine M.
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These are amazing! Small, convenient and affordable! I used them to snip my basil, and other herbs, and they did a perfect job. No more clunky snippers that are hard to manage, especially with sore joints. Next onto flowers! Great tool!
— Karen M.

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